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Resources for Memory and Learning

  • 2Know Mnemonic Software is a great free program which generates words from numbers using the Phonetic System/Major System.
  • How to Memorize Verbatim Text – Describes an approach to memorizing text along with a free online JavaScript tool.
  • joglab.com is a free tool for making mnemonic lists.
  • rememberg.com is a free online Phonetic Generator for numbers - very helpful. Uses the mnemonic major system.
  • FlashQard - is a free program which uses the Leitner System to improve the learning process.
  • Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet (free version) is a helpful poet program. It is written for windows 98, but it will install with error messages. Locate installed program in C:\Program Files\Cybernetic Poet.
  • Dr. Bill, "Memory Medic" - Learning and Memory Blog - Summaries of research reports that have practical application for everyday memory. Author of many books and articles including "Thank You Brain for All You Remember". He reviews memorymethods.com on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
  • FullRecall – is a flash-card type program (free version available) which uses neural network theory to adjust your training based on your ability to recall information.
  • jMemorize is a free flashcard program that uses the Leitner System.
  • supermemo.com  presents a speed-learning software called SuperMemo along with many extensive articles on research into memory
  • XMind  - Mind map software. Free version available.
  • NovaMind - Mind map software.
  • Personal Brain Combination of mind map and flexible visual database and much more. Free version available.
  • Edraw - Mind map software. Free version available.
  • Freeplane - Mind map software. Free
  • Mindjet MindManager- Mind map software.
  • rhymer.com   is a free rhyming dictionary. They have a deluxe version and a Phonetic Finder for sale.
  • onelook.com is a free resource for finding words and phrases. It includes an online dictionary.
  • rhymezone.com is a free tool for finding rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.
  • Ed Cooke memory champion from Oxford. He has an entertaining blog. Ed also made a TED video about the secrets of your memory - and a new vision for education.
  • translate.google.com is a free tool for finding translations for words and phrases of numerous languages along with sound files.
  • dictionary.com, thesaurus.com and spanish.dictionary.com are free and very helpful, all owned by Dictionary.com, LLC.
  • thefreedictionary.com is a free Dictionary / Thesaurus, Medical Dictionary, Legal Dictionary, Financial Dictionary, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Spanish Dictionary, German Dictionary, French Dictionary, Italian Dictionary, Arabic Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary, Polish Dictionary, Portuguese Dictionary, Dutch Dictionary, Norwegian Dictionary, Greek Dictionary, Russian Dictionary, Turkish Dictionary.
  • acronymfinder.com - is a free acronym finder. More than 1,000,000 human-edited definitions. Combined with the Acronym Attic, search more than 5 million acronyms and abbreviations.
  • MnemoTechnics.org - is a large active community with extensive articles, forums, chat, groups/meetings and mnemonics. Scroll down to see categories. Links to videos. Memorizing Names and Faces.
  • Links to videos.
  • medicalmnemonics.com - the largest database of medical mnemonics on the web. Mostly acronyms.
  • Mnemonic-Device.com - Hundreds of searchable mnemonics in: Arithmetic, Astronomy, Bible, History, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Economics, Geography, Geology, History, Languages, Law, Literature, Medical, Music, Physics, Politics, Science, Scouting, Time, Traffic, Weather.
  • Memory-Key.com is the spectacular website of author Dr. Fiona McPherson. The website is large and comprehensive. Memory in the news, research, on the web and in magazines, blogs, newsletters and books.
  • memory-improvement-tips.com-- A large site featuring memory research, memory techniques and a blog.
  • StudentDoctor.net - Type mnemonic in the site's search box to find tons of conversations on memory techniques.
  • ict4us.com - Large collection of various mnemonics. Astronomy, Aviation, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Math, Medical, Physics, Religion, Spelling and Grammar, Time and much more.
  • MnemonicDictionary.com - is a huge collection of vocabulary terms their mnemonics. Also an online word test program.
  • wikipedia.org has numerous entries on the subject of memory techniques:




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